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JULY 2004 Newsletter The new one - Click here for titles below
Diary of Alicia Keys, Amy Whitehouse - Frank,  Black Eyed Peas Elephunk, Big Book of Smash Hits 2004, Carly Simon Anthology, Come on England Football Anthems, Diana Krall - Girl in the other room, Best of Grateful Dead, Jools Holland - The Hand That Changed its Mind, Keane Hopes and Fears, Micheal Jackson Number ones, Maroon 5 Songs about Jane, Michelle Branch Songbook, Best of Outkast , The best of REM, Rod Stewart If we fall in Love Tonight, Westlife - Turnaround
VOCALISTS Music Books With CD backing Audition songs Professional Male Singers, All Woman Power Ballads, Audition Songs  Female, Cabaret, Audition Songs  Female Show Tunes, Sing 15 Chart hits, Sing 15 Show Tunes
EASY PIANO It`s Easy to Play Katie Melua, It`s Easy To Play Chart Hits, Essential Collection Mendelssohn Gold
EASY PIANO WITH PLAY ALONG CD Broadway Classics, Disney, Movie Music, Timeless Pop
GUITAR TAB Blink 182, Coldplay Rush of Blood To the Head Easy Guitar, Dave Mathews Bass Tab Fan Favourites, Franz Ferdinand, Incubus A #Crow Left of The Murder, Best of Jane`s Addiction, Korn Take a Look in the Mirror, Limpbizkit Results May Vary, Motley Crue Greatest Hits, The Offspring Splinter, Ozzy Osbourne Randy Rhoads Yrs, Placebo The Singles, Redhot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits, REM Best of Guitar/ Bass/ Drums, Very Best of Sheryl Crow, Yardbirds Birdland, Yngwie Malmsteen Anthology GUITAR CHORD SONGBOOKS Bon Jovi Chord Songbook Collection, Britpop Chord Songbook
GUITAR TAB WITH PLAY-ALONG CD Play Guitar With Jane's Addiction, The White Stripes, Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, Kings Of Leon And Foo Fighters
OTHER INSTRUMENTS WITH PLAYALONG CD Guest Spot Smash Hits 2004 Edition for Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and violin

May 2004 Newsletter - Click here
POPULAR SONGBOOKS for Piano vocal Britney Spears - Best of Cat Stevens - Coldplay Live 2003 - Evanescence - Graham Lyle - Hayley Westenra`s Pure - Jamie Cullum Twentysomething - Jewel`s 0304 album - Katie Melua Call Off The Search - the Love Actually Soundtrack - Mad World plus 9 smash hits - the New Woman Collection 3 - Power Ballads - Rod Stewart - Great American Songbook  Sam Cooke at the Copa Train - My Private Nation and Will Young
VOCALISTS Piano vocal Books With CD backing  Essential Audition Songs for Female Vocalists - West End Hits  and All Woman - Power Ballads plus t the Sam West Vocal Workout on DVD
PIANO SOLO - EASY PIANO and ALSO LEARNING PIANO though this time with IETP Delta Goodram - Play Piano with Nina Simone Bk/CD - Play Piano with Diana Krall - Carole King Tapestry Easy Piano - Lord of the Rings 3 Return of the King - Debussy Gold - Schubert Gold - Smash (Hits) Annual 2003 - Smash (Hits) Winter 2003 - Beloved Hymns (Big Note) - Blues Piano (with CD)
GUITAR TAB songbooks for Beck Sea Change, Busted , Coldplay live 2003 , Drowning Pool - Evanescence - Iron Maiden Dance of Death - Jaco Pastorius (bass) - Matchbox 20 - Modern Guitar Anthems Purple book - Nickelback The Long Road - Ryan Adams - Seether Disclaimer and of course The Darkness
GUITAR CHORD SONGBOOKS for you with the 21st Century chord songbook -  6 chord songbook 21st Century - The Great Rock Chord Songbook - Essential Acoustic Playlist 2 - Acoustic Greatest - Alternative Country - Coldplay - Fleetwood Mac - John Denver chord songbook
GUITAR TAB OR BASS WITH PLAYALONG CD Play Guitar with Linkin Park and Blues Brothers Ultimate Minus One and Play bass with Coldplay

December to January 04 newsletter Click here
Piano vocal songbooks with guitar chords
Billy Joel - Blue - Daniel Bedingfield -  Cole Porter - Delta Goodrem -  Elvis Presley - Diana Krall -Dido - Eva Cassidy - George Harrison - James Taylor - Jerry Springer The Opera - Les Miserables In Concert - Michael Buble - Paul McCartney - R Kelly -Robbie Williams - Robert Johnson - Simon & Garfunkel - Spandau Ballet  - Steely Dan - Sting - Tim Burton a Twisted Scarols - The Haunted Mansion Holiday Music books with CD backing All Woman Songbirds - Elvis - Festive - MTV Songbook 2 - Norah Jones  - Coldplay - You Can Sing for Aspiring Pop Stars
Easy piano or piano solo Andrew Lloyd Webber - Classical Chart Hits Gold - Joy Of Classical Music - Easy Movie Hits and Easy Pop Hits - O Brother Where Art Thou and Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl
Popular easy selections Something For The Boys and Something For The Girls and - Wilde Stories for Piano Popular Guitar tab etc. The Darkness the  Deftones - Eva Cassidy American Tune  -Incubus Bass -  Metallica Bass - Modern Guitar Anthems White Book - Muse Absolution - Pat Metheny - Slipknot - Sum 41- and Travis
Guitar chord songbook for Johnny Cash
Tab books with backing CD Duke Robillard - Gypsy Guitar - Modern Guitar Playalong (many top contemporary bands) - Coldplay - Steve Vai - Play The Blues 3 CD Set
DVDs drums Dave Weckl - No excuses DVDs guitar, bass, keyboard, harmonica and singing

October November 03 newsletter Click here Piano vocals and guitar chord Doors, Johnny Cash, Louis Armstrong, Shania Twain, Leonard Cohen, Michelle Branch, Robert Palmer, the Stereophonics, Cole Porter and Scott Joplin and piano vocal selections from three musicals, The Last Five Years, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Parade. Music books with singalong backing CD for Christmas Ballads, Festive Backing Tracks, Pop Idol, the Beatles and Matt Monro. Keyboard and busker books Show Tunes from Broadway and 21st Century Pop. Guitar tab (or occasionally bass tab) Audioslave, Blur, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo fighters, Frank Zappa, the movie Daredevil, Stain`d, Starsailor, Trapt, the Thrills, Linkin Park, David Gray, Cat Stevens, Beatles and Greater Guitar White Pages of seemingly endless tab favourites. Guitar chord Songbooks for 21st Century Pop, 6 chord songbook 1980-2000, Avril Lavigne, Stereophonics, Oasis Complete, Acoustic guitar and Christmas Guitar tab with a backing CD  Deep Purple - Christmas selections with playalong CD on Flute, Clarinet, Alto Sax or Violin The In a Box series, a box with a video or DVD as well as teach yourself learning book and sometimes a free accessory, for keyboard, clarinet, flute, violin, Alto Saxophone, Recorder, Harmonica, Drums, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, or Bass Guitar
.For the July/August 2003 newsletter click  here Piano and songbooks from Travis, Norah Jones, David Gray, Sugababes, Westlife, Oasis, Paul Brady, Atomic Kitten, Neil Diamond, the Queen We will Rock You Musical, Handel favourite classics, plus other great modern compilations. Songbooks with singalong backing CD for One hit wonders, Gay Anthems, Eva Cassidy, George Michael. Guitar tab from Bruce Springsteen, System of a Down, 21st Century Rock, Radiohead, Turin Brakes, White Stripes, Hawksley Workman, Sum41, plus full details of some fantastic Guitar White Pages mammoth tab collections. Guitar Chord Songbooks for Female Artists, Punk, Travis, Coldplay, plus Easy Piano Coldplay
For the April/May 2003 newsletter click  here - Includes piano vocal guitar books for Elton John, Al Green, Beegees, Chicago (film of the musical) Bowie, Earth Wind and Fire, Honk, Diana Krall, also Barbra Streisand  & Bette Midler with backing Cd and Guitar tab books for Electric Soft Parade, Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Strokes, Nirvana, Lift to Experience, Eagles , Alto or tenor sax, trombone, horn, Clarinet, flute and violin with playalong CD Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
For the Feb/March 2003 newsletter click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books for Craig David, Austin Powers, Shakira, 2nd World War songbook, smash hits 2002, Ben Folds, Sinatra & Broadway songs with backing CD, Easy Piano big chart hits & Disney and Guitar tab books for Feeder, Queens of the Stone Age, Jeff Buckley, Blink 182, Satriani, Ozzy Osbourne, Bon Jovi, plus bass tab books with playalong CD for many top modern bands
For the January 2003 newsletter click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books for Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, Darren Hayes, David Gray, Gareth Gates, Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets, Westlife, Smash hits 2002, Disney movie megahits, Simpsons official songbook and Robbie Williams Swing While you`re winning music book with backing CD plus Guitar tab books for Bon Jovi, Paul Weller, David Gray, Korn, Creed, Supergrass, Ash, Bon Jovi and an Everly Brothers guitar chord songbook
For the November 2002 issue click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books for Atomic Kitten, Pink, Moby, Coldplay, Andrea Bocelli, Blues Brothers, Elvis Presley, Beethoven, music books with backing CD for All Woman Soul, Wannabee Pop Stars, Celebration Songs, Karaoke Classics, Disco, School Disco, Big Band Hits, Latin, Great Piano solos and Bill Evans interpretations - Guitar tab books for Coldplay, Puddle of Mudd, The Bands (modern collection), 100 Reasons, Ildewild, Kinks, Bechboys, Dave Matthews Bands, with playalong CD for Elvis the Early Years and Elvis 2, Guitar Chord Songbooks for Elvis Presley, Classic Rock and christmas, Sax, Cello, Clarinet, flute and violin with playalong CD New film themes
For the August 2002 issue click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books for Vanessa Carlton, Oasis Heathen Chemistry, Shrek, Elvis 50 Greatest Love Songs,  Big book of pop ballads, New Woman Collection music books with backing CD Audition songs for (female) professional singers, All Woman Blues, Humpty Dumpty, Old McDonalds Farm, Christmas Carols, Christmas songs, Guitar tab books Oasis, Vines, Ozzy, The Jam, Deep Purple, Rod Stewart  tab with playalong CD Punk, Iron Maiden Big Guitar Chord Songbooks for the 70s, 80s and 90s (three books)
For the June 2002 issue click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books Pop Idols best songs, Lord of The rings, Golden Jubilee Music Collection, Smash Hits 2002, Michael JAckson Invincible, Barenaked Ladies, Madonna, My One and Only (musical show), Showstoppers  Ultimate series Classic Rock, Movie, Television, Wedding, (four books), IMP 20th Anniversary Collection Guitar Tab books Megadeth, Moody Blues, Electric Light Orchestra, Hi-fi Serious, Puddle of Mudd, Carole King, Classic Rock of the 50s, late 60s, 70s soft rock, 70s hard rock, 80s, Tab with playalong CD Doors, Iron Maiden, Easy Keyboard Robbie Williams Clarinet, flute, Violin with playalong CD New Love Songs
For the previous (May 2002) issue click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books  Evergreen plus 7 more, O Brother Where art thou, Otis Redding, The Producers (Mel Brooks Broadway production show), Ultimate 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s (four books), with backing CD Sing Pop Idols, Pop Ballads, Hits of the 90s, The Blues, Classic Soul  (last three female vocal), Easy Guitar Disney Guitar Tab books Offspring, Ryan Adams, Rage Against the Machine, Yanni , Tab with playalong CD Linkin Park Limp Bizkit Papa Roach Marilyn Manson System of a Down POD in a mixed collection, Blues Brothers, 70s Rock, Bryan Adams, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi Big Guitar Chord songbooks 60s, 70s Easy Piano Beach Boys, Pop Hits, Easy Keyboard Childrens Favourites Saxophone Blues Saxophone Clarinet, flute, Violin, alto sax, tenor sax  with playalong CD Grease
For the previous (April 2002) issue click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books  Gordon Haskell, Eva Cassidy, with backing CD Male vocal Angels etc, Female Vocal Hits of the 90s, The Blues, Classic Soul, You`re the Voice Nina Simone, Ballads, (mixed) Party Hits  Easy Guitar Disney Guitar Tab books Offspring, Ryan Adams, Rage Against the Machine, Yanni , Tab with playalong CD 70s Rock, Blues Brothers, Bryan Adams, Paul Simon, Pink Floyd, Bon Jovi Big Guitar Chord songbooks 60s, 21st Century Rock, Easy Piano Disney Hits Saxophone Blues Saxophone Clarinet, flute, Violin, alto sax, tenor sax  with playalong CD Grease
For the earlier (March 2002) issue click here
Includes piano vocal guitar books Beautiful South, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Charlotte Church, Gordon Haskell, Ansatacia, Atomic Kitten, Blue, Mercury Rev, Paul Mc Cartney, Russell Watson, S Club 7, Westlife, Guitar books also featured in April issue Recorder Best recorder book ever 


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