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 Your cards are formatted similar to the ones below.

For example - for your hobby or profession it might look something like this
(Absolutely no resemblance to any real person living or dead intended here!)

Or for you as a member of your company it might be like this
(Once again we believe and sincerely hope this is entirely fictional)

John P Crawley

Piano, Keyboards, Washboard or Guitar Music for All Occasions

Specialising in Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Palaces or dosshouses - payment preferred but not essential
"Dunroaming", 11 Watering House Row
Clapham Junction
London NE103 JR10

Home Phone No. 01115 7684449
Mobile No.011768 1234567890
E-mail me at
Visit my website at

Howling Wolf Banking Corporation

Jed Z Finkelbower, Chief Extortionist

Credit Control Department - Beheadings, Lynchings and Final Restitution Division
12-193 Capone Avenue
City of London
London SW1111 JE117

Office No. 010222 22222999
Fax.0102222 222233999
E-mail me at
Visit my website at

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Version one of the card-printing system includes your full mailing address but you will get only ten cards to a page and it will take a little longer to format. (You can of course choose to print as many of your cards as you want before formulating a new one) Click here for the big version

Version two leaves this out so is even quicker to use (ideal for the very impatient!) and you will most likely get 14 cards to a page. (You can also describe your speciality more fully without wasting too much card space on this one). Here you have only 7 fields to enter as against 10 for the big version.Click here for the concise version

There is no limit on how many times you can use them, or on how many cards you can print, so you can try both versions out to see which suits you best.

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